Throughout its entire production path, from the 70s to today, EMB has always combined its specific products with the creation of Ex solutions relating to electrical and/or electro-pneumatic equipment for which it is not possible/convenient to apply the “Ex p” type of protection, at internal overpressure

In these cases, EMB is able to identify, from time to time, the real possibilities of applying the most suitable Ex type of protection, or also of combined types of protection, according to EN IEC 60079-0 Standard or again, in the final analysis, of the type of protection “Ex s” (special protection)

All this to confirm a strong motivation to “DESIGN SAFETY” for electrical installations in Hazardous Areas and by virtue of over fifty years of expertise, gained by emb in the field of “Explosion protected Equipment”

We specify that the type of protection “Ex s” refers to an IS = International Standard (IEC 60079-33) and is therefore included in the IECEx scheme
It can be also adopted in the ATEX scope, regulated by a Technical Specification (TS) but in this case, the ATEX certificate will refer exclusively to the EHSR’s of the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.


The following Application Examples show some of our most meaningful realizations of explosion-proof equipment protected with type of protection other than pressurization

Local Command/Control Panel for Painting Plant – La Magona d’Italia
Assembly ATEX     II 2G IIB+H2 T5

Mobil Alarm Unit with Integrated UPS–SARPOM, Trecate Refinery
Assembly ATEX   II 2G IIB T5

Sampling System and Analyzers (GC) Nawara Gas Treatment Plant (NAWGTP) OMV (Tunisien) GMBH
Assembly ATEX  II 3G IIB+H2 T3 Gc

Mud Circulation System Pneumatic Panel and Command/Control Console on the Probe Floor
Assembly ATEX    II 2G IIB T4

“Oil System”: Control Panel, Air Liquide (AL) – Beaumont, TX (USA) NatGasoline-Methanol Synthesis/RecYcle Gas Compressor
Assembly Class I Div. 2 Group B T4

“Steam Turbine Centrifugal Compressor” Local Control Panel, 2500 MTPD-Methanol Plant – CHINA BLUE CHEMICAL LTD – HAINAN-CHINA
Assembly ATEX II 2G IIB T4

Local Control Panel “Turboexpander Compressor “:AQP EGYPT – ABU QIR, Alexandria (EGYPT)
Assembly  Class I Div. 2 Group C & D T4

Local Rack “DLN Instrument & JB” – Qatar Petrochemicals Company (QAPCO) UMM SAID (Qatar) GT4 Plant
Assembly ATEX  II 3G IIB T3

Local Rack “DLN Instrument & JB” – Petronas LNG TRAIN 9 Project – (MR Cycle/Propane Cycle) BINTULU (MALAYSIA)
Assembly ATEX II 3G IIB T3

Fuel Gas Analysis Console Gas Chromatograph” – GOLAR FLNG (MOSS Conversion) – Black & Veatch Corporation; GOLAR HILLI FLNG
Assembly ATEX II 3G IIB T3