MHAC(V) Series


The HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) Systems series MHAC(V) are designed and manufactured, in explosion-protected execution, with an Ex type of protection specifically suitable to the “area classification”, declared by the ‘User

The series is ATEXIECEx – and EACEx certified and is suitable to Air Conditioning, Pressurizing and Ventilating, of Cabins/Shelters, intended for “onshore/offshore” installation, in Hazardous Area classified as Zone 1 and/or Zone 2 and/or Zone 21 and/or Zone 22

Each MHVAC System is composed of an Air Conditioner our series MAP + a Ventilation Unit” + aControl Logic Unit”

The System is completed by a Kit of Accessories for Ventilation/Pressurization Air discharge and Air intake control, including:

  • 2 door position switches
  • 2 gravity balancing Dampers for air discharge (Fireproof when required by the project) fitted with rainproof mechanical protection, proximity switch and anti-insect net
    Smoke and gas Detectors that can be quoted on request

In the presence of extremely low ambient temperatures, the HVAC can be equipped with a renewal air Pre-heating module

A Cabin, equipped with the System described above, may contain “ordinary” electrical equipment (not Ex) but it is still necessary for the End User to submit the entire assembly to certification for the conditions of use, foreseen of the project

emb is able to supply a series of Transportable Ventilated Cabins, MTVR3 series ATEX certified for Group II, Category 3G, “Ex v3 ia” type of protection

MHAC(V)-CWX123GT00 – IECEx Ex d e ia mb px IIC T4 Gb
HVAC for Analysis “Jebel Ali Refinery Expansion Project” (ENOC) DUBAI (UAE)

MHAC(V)-CRX353GT01 – IECEx Ex d e ia mb px IIB T3 Gb
Redundant HVAC for “ MCC Cabin – Project RB0009A – SKD ALLIANCE” – BRUNEI

MHAC(V)-CRX353GT01 – ATEX   II 2D Ex ia mb pxb tb IIIC T135°C Db (Zona 21)
HVAC with single Air Conditioner Unit and Redundant Ventilation Unit for “ Electric Cabin – Project C07401 – DIMISA-RED DRAGON MEJILLONES” – CILE