MAP Series


emb has always kept up-to-date with the evolution of the Standards and Directives concerning the various Ex types of protection, but dedicating its best resources to the “Ex p” types of protection concerning the “Pressurized Cabinets”

When in 1970 there were not yet National or European Standards for this type of protection, emb produced in compliance with the US Standard NFPA 496, up to the first CESI certificate of 1983, issued according with CENELEC “harmonized” Standards, series EN 50000 and relating to different dimensional combinations of a single model with volume = 1 m³. Today the quantity of certified models is practically infinite

In fact, the current MAP series emb certifications covers all volumes between 0.07 and 7.20 m³, in the possible dimensional combinations suitable for creating the most appropriate construction forms to the Customer’s needs.

Main Types of Pressurized Cabinets made by emb and emb Alternative Solutions, for cases of insufficiency or lack of protective gas


  Pressurized Analysis Cabinets with integrated Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) for measurement of: Gas (NO/NOx/NH3/HCl/CO/CO2/SO2/O2/CH4/H2S) H2O, Wet O2 and Dusts. The analyzers can be equipped with a flame ionization detector (FID) for the measurement of unburned hydrocarbons and the monitoring of the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL)

  Pressurized Analysis Cabinets with integrated Oxygen Analysis Systems (Paramagnetic, Electrochemical, or Zirconium Oxide Analyzers

 Pressurized Analysis Cabinets with integrated TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Analysis Systems for process water treatment plants

 Pressurized Analysis Cabinets with integrated Sodium (Na) Silica (SiO2) and Chlorides/ Sulphates Analyzers in water and in the turbines steam cycle

  Pressurized Analysis Cabinets with integrated Moisture Analyzer (Hygrometer)

  Pressurized Analysis Cabinets with integrated Analyzers (Calorimeters) for measuring the calorific value (Wobbe Index) of a combustible Gas (or Gas mixtures)

  Pressurized Analysis Cabinets with integrated qualitative and structural chemical Analysis Systems of organic and inorganic compounds through Spectrometer

  Pressurized Analysis Cabinets with integrated Systems for monitoring fluid concentration through Refractometer

  Pressurized Analysis Cabinets with integrated TAS Systems (Total Analysis Systems)

All Analysis Cabinets can house any Sampling Systems and/or Reagent tanks.
In case of presence on board Analysis Cabinet of cylinders containing dangerous gases [for example Hydrogen for Flame Ionization Detector (FID) supply] emb is able to propose the necessary skills to review the classification of the area surrounding the Analysis Cabinet if, in the above classification, the impact due to the H2 cylinder has not been correctly considered by the User


 Electrolytic Cells for Water Electrochlorination Plant

 Transformer-Rectifier Group for Water Electrochlorination Plant


 Igniters for Burners

 Hydraulic Control Units

 Steam Generators

  Column type Slip Rings

 Thyristor Control Unit (SCR)

  Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)



  Distributed Control Systems (DCS) / Emergency Stop Systems (ESD) / F&G Systems (Fire and Gas Leak detection)

  “Information Technology”Systems

  MMS systems (Machine Monitoring System)

 Burner Management Systems (BMS)

 Filling Systems

 Weighing Systems

 Alarm Systems

 Dusts Sampling Systems for Coal-Fired Power Station

 Dosing and Mixing Plants for the Food, Chemical, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry.

 Flare Gas Plants

  Drilling Muds treatment Plants

 Filtration Plants

  Reciprocating/Centrifugal Compressors and Turbines, Plants

 Pumps Plants

 Plants for Centrifugal Decanters, Extractors and Centrifugal Separators, for agri-food, slop oil residues, water treatment and environmental remediation

 Plants for Electric Heaters

PRESSURIZED CABINETS series MAP…/V, “Ex nR” CABINETS series MAR… and “Ex nA nC” CABINETS, for cases of insufficiency or lack of protective gas

[vc_wemb_text]MAP 950/V (Volume = 9,5 m³) – ATEX 0722 II 2G Ex px ia IIB T3
Cabinet with Steam Generator for Maintenance and Remediation of Industrial Tanks
the Pressurization, with Compressed Air, of a MAP series cabinet, can be made impossible for one of the following reasons:

Compressed Air is not available in the plant
Compressed Air is available, but its flow rate is insufficient, having to pressurize a large cabinet

In this case, there is the possibility of using MAP…/V and MAP…/VAC series cabinets, suitable for both Zone 1/21 and Zone 2/22
The pressurization of the MAP…/V and MAP…/VAC series cabinets is carried out by means of Atmospheric Air drawn by means of a Ventilation Unit of our MVU series, as specified in the MAP Cabinets Catalogue on page. 32)



MAR 128 – ATEX II 3G Ex nR IIC T4 Gc, type of protection “Ex nR” (Restricted Breathing) PAGA Panel “SAIPEM PROJECT (Agip KCO new Island RIGS 5946 – 5947)” KASHAGAN Offshore Oil Field KAZAKHSTAN

where the quantity of protective gas (Compressed Air or Inert Gas) necessary to pressurize MAP cabinets is not available, it is possible, only and exclusively in Zone 2 and in compliance with the limitations imposed by EN 60079-15, to switch from a MAP series cabinet , with “Ex pzc” type of protection, to a MAR series cabinet, with “Ex nR” type of protection and therefore protected against explosions, by means of the Restricted Breathing technique (see MAP Cabinets Catalogue, pages 34-35)

The MAR series cabinets are equipped with a verification Kit of the limited breathing properties, and also with a Certificate of Conformity assessment N ° EMB 17 CERT 903X, issued by emb as a Competent Body, in the definition of the EN IEC series 60079: “individual or organization which can demonstrate appropriate technical knowledge and relevant skills to make the necessary assessments of the safety aspects under consideration”

This qualification is recognized to us by virtue of our experience of over fifty years in the field of “Explosion-protected Equipment”, which allows us to identify from time to time the real possibilities of applying the most suitable type of protection

MAn 96/CM – ATEX II 3(1)G Ex nA nC IIC T6÷T4 Gc
Intrinsically Safe Barrier Cabinet, for Emissions Monitoring System – VERSALIS RAGUSA

Where the quantity of protective gas (Compressed Air or Inert Gas) necessary to pressurize MAP cabinets is not available, and not even is it possible to fall within the limits of dissipated power, etc., established by EN 60079-15 for the MAR Cabinets, there is a further possibility represented by the MAn series Cabinets.

These Cabinets, like those of the MAR series, are used, only and exclusively, in Zone 2, but have a further limitation as that can only be equipped with Equipment protected with at least “Ex nA” and/or “Ex nC” type of protection

The MAn series Cabinets are accompanied by ICEPI 14 ATEX 013X certificate

MAP 210/AC IECEx Ex db ib pzc IIC T4 Gc

Analysis Cabinet (CEMS) for Plant: “Jebel Ali Refinery Expansion Project (ENOC)” DUBAI (UAE)

MAP 130/AC ATEX  II 3(1)G Ex ia pz [ia IIC Ga] IIB T3 Gc


MAP 240/AC ATEX  II 3G Ex ia pz IIB T3 Gc

Process Water Analysis Cabinet “Technological Revamping of TAP Plant” Milazzo (ME) Refinery

MAP 720 – ATEX  II 3(1)G Ex ib [ia IIC Ga] pzc IIB T4 Gc

Control Panel for “LUBE 2” Plant, ESSO ITALIANA Srl – Augusta (SR) Refinery

MAP 200/AC – EACEx 1 Ex d ib px IIC T3 Gb

MAP 083/AC IECEx Ex db ib pzc IIB T3 Gc

Hydraulic System Cabinet for 5th Gas Separation Plant Project” PTT PUBLIC Co Ltd THAILANDIA

MAP 140 (Ex d e ia mb pz [ia IIC Ga] IIB T4) / 18-KA6BO-0097X / IECEx CES 14.0027X
Analysis Cabinet (CEMS) for Plant: “S-OIL Residue Upgrading Complex ProjectOnsan KOREA

MAP 200/AC – ATEX 0722 II 2(1)G Ex ia px [ia IIC Ga] IIB+H2 T4 Gb
Analysis Cabinet (CEMS) for Plant: “PROGETTO TOTAL E&P TEMPA ROSSA” PZ – ITALY

Assembly ATEX  II 2G IIC T4
Instruments Local Panel with MAP 015 Cabinet – ATEX  0722  II 2G Ex ia px IIC T4 Gb for (I/P) Electro-pneumatic Converter protection

Assembly ATEX  II 3G IIB T5
Instruments Local Rack with MAP 040 Cabinet – ATEX   II 3(1)G Ex ia pz [ia IIC Ga] IIB T5 Gc
“Sistema Analisi ppm Olio in Acqua, PROGETTO 3721, TOTAL E&P TEMPA ROSSA” PZ – ITALY

MAP 290/AC – ATEX  II 3G Ex ia pz IIB T4 Gc
Control Panel for “MUD TANK DISTRIBUTION 3 PLANTO” Arabian Drilling Company (ADC)

MAP 200/AC – ATEX 0722 II 2(1)G Ex px ia [ia IIC Ga] IIB+H2 T4 Gb
Analysis Cabinet (CEMS) for Plant: “RUMAILA OIL FIELD PROJECT” IRAQ

MAP 040/AC – ATEX0722 II 2G Ex ia px IIB T4 Gb
“Analysis Gas Cabinet with Spectrometer (pressurized with Nitrogen)

MAP 040/AC – ATEX (ZONA 21)0722 II 2D Ex ia p IIIC Db
“Slip Ring Cabinets”

MAP 320 NA – Class I, Div. 2, Group D Temp. Class T3 (NEC 500) – NFPA 496 Type Z Pressurization
Propane Compressor Control System Cabinet “Terminal de Gas Liquido” Pajaritos (Mexico)

MAP 290 NA/AC Class I, Zone 2, Group IIA Temp. Class T3 (NEC 505)
NFPA 496 Type Z Pressurization
Compressor “LPG TRAIN-5” Control System Cabinet (KNPC) KUWAIT

MAP 240 NA/AC – Class II, Div. 1, Groups F, G, Temp. Class T3C (NEC 500)
NFPA 496 Type X Pressurization
Cabinet for “Coal Power Plant” Dust Sampling SystemPunta Catalina-Bani (Dominican Repubblic)

MAP 098 NA –Class I, Div. 2, Group C,D Temp. Class T3 (NEC 500)
NFPA 496 Type Z Pressurization
Local Control Panels for Centrifugal Pump, driven by Steam Turbine “PDVSA PUERTO LA CRUZRPLC Deep Conversion Project” (Anzoategui-Venezuela)